Institutional investors still ploughing into crypto

23 Nov 2022

Institutional investors are continuing to pile into digital currencies, despite the ongoing crypto winter, according to the findings from a recent survey.

The Coinbase-sponsored poll’s results were published on Tuesday, showing 62% of institutional investors had boosted their crypto allocations over the past year. Whereas just 12% had reduced their crypto exposure, indicating the majority polled remain bullish on cryptocurrencies in the long-term.

Over half of those polled said they were currently or planning to adopt a buy-and-hold approach for cryptocurrencies, Cointelegraph reports, on the belief that prices will remain flat and range bound over the coming year.

Furthermore, 58% of the survey’s respondents said they are preparing to increase their crypto holdings over the next three years. Almost half are "strongly agreeing" that cryptocurrency valuations will rise over the long term.

In regard to concerns, uncertainty surrounding regulations was a key factor most investors polled were worried about when deciding whether to invest in crypto. Especially amongst those planning to invest over the coming year, with 64% citing regulatory concerns.

The Coinbase survey was carried out between 21st September and 27th October, consisting of 140 institutional investors based in the U.S., with collective assets under management amounting to $2.6 trillion, the Cointelegraph report adds. The poll was undertaken by Institutional Investor’s Custom Research Lab.

Furthermore, last month Fidelity Digital Assets carried out a poll which had similar results. Head of research Chris Kuiper said during an interview with Cointelegraph: “They're agnostic to some of this crazy volatility and price because they're looking at it from a very long-term perspective. They’re looking over the next years, five years, decade or more.”

This was echoed by deVere boss Nigel Green, who said that institutional investors “understand and value the key characteristics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are designed for this century and, therefore, are growing in appeal.”