Crypto ATMs exceed 39k worldwide

08 Aug 2022

The number of crypto ATMs across the globe surpassed the 39,000 mark during the first week of August. 

Findings by revealed 614 crypto ATM operators have installed 39,011 digital currency ATMs within 77 countries.

Back at the start of 2017, there were around 969 cryptocurrency ATMs worldwide, and up to now 3.925% growth in the number of installations has been registered. 

According to geographical distribution statistics, North America is home to the highest number of crypto ATMs, totalling 95.1% of all global machines – amounting to 37,081.

Furthermore, the United States houses 87.9% of the aggregate of cryptocurrency ATMs installed globally, with 34,299 machines. The rest of the world’s percentage of digital currency ATMs is approximately 4.9%, reports, 3.8% of which are located in Europe.

Moreover, Canada is home to 6.3% of the global aggregate, totalling 2,461 ATMs. Out of the 39,011 recorded on, data reveals that 38,998 of those support Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

Additionally, 33,056 of the aggregate total of ATMs also support alternative cryptocurrencies. Litecoin is featured in 32,466 machines, Ethereum – the world’s second largest digital currency - is supported by 29,324 devices, Dogecoin is on 16,132 and Bitcoin Cash is supported on 13,801 crypto ATMs.

Furthermore, the top cryptocurrency ATM operator worldwide in terms of machine numbers is Bitcoin Depot with 17.7% of the global total, amounting to 6,896 machines. They are followed by Coincloud with 5,643 ATMs; Coinflip with 4,124; Bitcoin of America with 2,339; Bitstop with 1,969 ATMs; and Rockitcoin with 1,781 machines.

A total of 14.7 crypto ATMs are installed daily at the current rate, according to