25% of Aussie crypto users to opt for crypto Christmas gifts

17 Nov 2021

Over 25% of crypto users in Australia polled in October are planning to use digital assets as part of their Christmas gifts this year.

The survey, undertaken by crypto wallet and services provider Crypto.com, questioned 2,020 people in Australia aged between 18 and 59. Out of those polled that used crypto over the last year, 26% said they would consider giving some away for Christmas presents, or purchase crypto-related presents.

In addition, 53% of those planning to purchase crypto gifts, said they would consider buying crypto assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum – the world’s two largest cryptocurrencies – this festive season, Cointelegraph reports.

The poll also showed 43% are planning to buy crypto merchandise, whilst 42% are contemplating buying coin vouchers and 35% crypto books. Moreover, around a third were thinking about gifting non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

According to Karl Mohan, General Manager for Asia-Pacific at Crypto.com “Australians are clearly very keen to adopt cryptocurrencies and integrate their use into day-to-day spending,” before adding that Aussies “are gradually increasing their use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.”

A poll undertaken by Finder in September of 1,000 people revealed one in six Australians now own cryptocurrency, with a total asset value adding up to $US8 billion. According to the report, “Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency, but only just. Bitcoin is owned by 9% of Australians, while 8% say they have Ethereum. This is followed by Dogecoin (5%) and Bitcoin Cash (4%). Bitcoin ownership has fallen 4 percentage points from 13% in January.”

The report added: “Close to 1 in 3 (30%) Australians who purchased cryptocurrency say they did so to diversify their portfolio. Some investors suggest cryptocurrency is a valuable addition to an investment portfolio because unlike traditional shares and currency, its movements are not influenced by traditional market factors.”